Submitting an Application

We will have 3 funding rounds in 2024, each open for seven days. The funding round dates for 2024 are: 

  • Round 1: 25th March 9am to 1st April 12 noon
  • Round 2: 24th June 9am to 1st July 12 noon
  • Round 3: 24th September 9am to 1st October 12 noon

Our funding window will be open for the whole period stated on our funding guide (7 days).

Currently, our application form is exclusively available for online submission through our website. The form can be read by text to speech readers. If you experience any challenges while trying to submit the form, please reach out to us via email at or give us a call on 0131 322 9410.  

A character count is the total number spaces that can used in an application form. The character count on our forms includes letters, numbers, punctuation and spaces. The form will feature a real-time character count, providing you with an ongoing tally of remaining characters.

Postcode Places Trust are a real Living Wage funder and fair pay is an important aspect of our equity, diversity and inclusion commitments. Though Real Living Wage accreditation is not a requirement for funding, we encourage all organisations employing staff with our funding to pay the Real Living Wage or above. If your organisation does not pay at this rate, we will ask about this as we work to understand the needs and challenges the groups we support.

Once you submit an application to us, you will receive confirmation via email that this has been received. Please make sure you check junk and spam folders. If you do not receive email confirmation, please contact us at

A governing document is a formal document that explains the purpose of your organisation, and the rules it follows. Your charitable objectives, as set out in your governing document, indicate the purpose of your organisation and how your funds are generally spent. When submitting this document be sure to include any amendments, alterations or additional sections such as a CIC 36 Community Benefits Statement (for Community Interest Companies only).

We require a formal set of accounts for a 12-month period, that have been signed by the relevant Trustees, Directors, or Committee Members. If your accounts require Independent Examination or Auditing, the signed report from the Examiner or Auditor must be included. These accounts must show the income and expenditure for the year. These accounts must be no older than year ending May 2022.  

Due to the volume of applications that we receive, we are unable to review external links or extra documents.

The oldest annual accounts we are able to accept are for year ending May 2022. Please submit your signed accounts with your application, as it will be ineligible otherwise.